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Session Tips

Here are a few tips to make your session work for you.

  • What to wear –  Casual is best.  I’m an on-location photographer which means we’ll be in a park, at your home, or even in the “big” city.  You want your attire to fit your location.  Jeans work great, especially with bare toes peeking out for a few shots.  NEVER wear white, unless it is in small amounts.  A family wearing too much white will be WAY TOO BRIGHT.   Solid colors that fit the season are best.  Try to coordinate, but not match perfectly.  It allows your photos to have a bit more character to them.  Children can get away with wearing just about anything.  LOTS of color is perfect for them.  No need for solids here.  The bolder the better.  Layers are awesome!  I love it when a family shows up with layers – button down shirts open over a t-shirt with a pair of shorts or jeans, a cool hat or pair of hip sunglasses…the possibilities are endless!
  • What to bring –  For babies, bring blankets or meaningful items to help create a unique session.  Some examples would be baskets, brightly colored toys, items with the child’s name, even a favorite chair or stuffed animal.  For kids, there are many items you can bring to help create a fun and spontaneous session.  Some of these include bubbles, a big colorful lollipop, balloons tied together with ribbon, toys that your child loves, favorite books, water balloons, you name it!  Other props that might be useful, depending on the session, would be umbrellas, raincoats or rain boots, even an ice chest filled with popsicles could totally ROCK a session with me!
  • Seasonal Info – Remember, our session will last a minimum of an hour.  We’ll be doing lots of walking, and maybe even a bit of running.  Be sure to bring a drink for each member of your family.  It’s HOT outside during the summer months.  You WILL get thirsty.

Try to keep in mind,  I take a lot of candid shots and really strive to capture the relationships, not just poses.  You will get some posed shots, but my main goal is to show you as you are EVERYday.  Your life, frozen in time.  Please, come with lots of energy and ready to have some fun!  I can’t wait to meet you!

  • Nicky Glover - October 21, 2012 - 11:11 pm

    Interested in your red barn mini session. Please let me know the dates/times available.
    (405) 919-3933

  • Natalie - May 21, 2014 - 8:45 am

    Hi! Please contact me about scheduling a digital session. Thanks!

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