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On to New Adventures

After much consideration, my family and I have decided to downsize and take on a new adventure. We’ll be selling our AWESOME 2376 Square foot house with 10 acres. It’s 3 bedrooms plus an office with 2 full baths. It’s also geothermal and has tankless hot water.

For those of you who’ve been here, you know just how cool the place is and how hard it will be to leave. But we are super excited to try something new.

If you know someone who would be interested, please give them our contact info. I’ll be sharing tons of photos over the weekend and adding to this post.  We are located near SE 134th and Harrah road.

Asking Price is $359k


bedroom 1102816_0054102816_0055

2nd bedroom102816_0050

2nd bathroom102816_0051

master bathroom / walk-in shower102816_0042

master bathroom102816_0040

master bathroom102816_0041

master bedroom102816_0037

master bedroom102816_0034

master bedroom102816_0036

living area102816_0031102816_0027102816_0028102816_0024102816_0020102816_0023

entry way102816_0017


I’ll add more photos as I get them loaded.  Enjoy!  Please email me at to get more information.

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