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Meet Katie.

Katie is the coolest gal I’ve met in quite a while.  I totally loved hanging out with her!

I met up with Katie and her gorgeous mom in Bricktown.  We couldn’t have gotten a sweeter night to shoot.  The sun was golden and there was only a slight breeze blowing.   As we cruised along the river watching the baby ducks swim beside us, we chatted about girl stuff, made fun of boys, and had a perfectly AWESOME time.  We also snapped a few photos…

Did I mention what a SUPER COOL chic she is?  I told her more than once, she’s my kind of girl.  No high heels in sight!  She brought every color of flip-flop under the sun, kept the clothes casual, and even laughed at my total dorkiness!  Thanks, Katie.

I’m not sure I have a bad photo from our session.  Scout’s honor.  She was so genuine and happy – that’s what shows through.  When you’re happy it shows!

I have to finish up with one of her and her mom together.  Thanks for an awesome time, girls.  I’ll hang with y’all anytime!

Oh, by the way, is it just me or does Mom look a WHOLE LOT like Leslie Ann Warren (the manager chic from the movie Pure Country)?

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