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Dean Family

Dr. Dean is cool.

That’s what Ty said when I told him I was out taking pictures of his favorite (& only) pediatrician.  She’s known him since he was only a day or so old.  In fact, we met at the hospital when Ty was born.  She just happened to be one of the docs on call and came by to check on our new baby boy.  We’ve loved her ever since.

So, it’s extra AWESOME that I get to snap photos of her and her crew.  The great part is they are ALL super cool and laid back.

I realized just how special this family was when I totally misunderstood an email from them last week.  I, after reading the email, thought we were rescheduling our session (due to Oklahoma wind) and drove away from our planned location (I’d just finished up an earlier session).  Once I’d gotten all the way home, I realized she’d emailed again explaining they were actually THERE.

It was a complete and total goof up on my part!  They’d driven around an hour to be there and I had simply left.  Sheesh!

The neat part was how completely awesome they were about the whole thing.  They had dinner and checked out the town.  We rescheduled and here they are in all their awesomness. :)  Thanks for being so understanding, you guys!

We decided to try a completely new location to make things a little easier on them.  I really didn’t want them to drive an hour ONCE AGAIN.  I’m so glad we did, too.  I’ll be shooting here again VERY SOON.  I loved it!

There were so many great shots from our session, I had a seriously hard time even narrowing them down for this post.  Therefore, you get a TON of sneak peek shots!  BUT, this next one is probably my favorite from the WHOLE session.

I love how spontaneous this shot was…

total goofball grin, messy hair and all.  It’s perfect!

Thanks for a spectacularly fun time, Dean family.  I can’t wait for you to see the rest!

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  • Jennifer Moore - June 4, 2010 - 7:55 am

    Dr. Dean is cool!!!!!!!!!! She too is our pediatrician and we LOVE LOVE LOVE her. In fact, I wish she would see adults!!! :)

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