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Conway Boys

Technically, one of the Conway boys was missing since Daddy didn’t get to come along, but luckily Mom was there to keep things under control. :)

I met up with this crew in Midtown on a Monday morning.

AND, it just happened to be a CHILLY Monday morning.  We considered rescheduling, but decided to tough it out in hopes of getting some sunshine.  I felt so bad after we got there.  The alleys were so breezy and cold, but the Conway boys were troopers.  I can’t tell in even one of these photos that they were absolutely FREEZING to death!  No, really.  I mean they were flat cold…

and yet, they smiled for me anyway.  God love ’em.

Even Mom showed me a grin or two.

It must have been my CHARMING personality.  Yep, that’s it.

Since Dad couldn’t be there to freeze along with us in the cold, Midtown alleys, this photo is JUST FOR HIM!

Have a GREAT BIG RED LOLLIPOP kind of day!  Happy Monday!

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