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Chayse and Carly

It was a major whirlwind and put most of our family into shock, but it was so worth it!  We’ve always said Carly is special.  She doesn’t do things like most people would…she was meant to stand out.  She was meant to grip life by the reins and hang on.  While the rest of us are busy planning every step, she’s sailing through life in a blaze of glory making her mark on every moment. Meeting Chayse and getting married was no different.

After the shock wore off for the rest of us and we were able to take it all in, none of us could doubt the immeasurable joy and happiness he brings her.  When he’s around, she lights up like a firefly.  You know the the light.  It’s the kind that sparkles and reflects the brilliance of the sun…the kind that makes you feel special just catching a few glimpses of it.  The best part is…HE does the same thing.  It’s like this crazy brilliance between the two of them that is so bright, the rest of us start reaching for sunglasses.

At first, I thought she was crazy.  I thought, “here we go again.”  I started praying God would lead her in the right direction and she’d make the best decision for her life.  I honestly thought she’d change her mind and head the other direction.  But, not this time.  It seems God knew her heart better than I and had plans I couldn’t comprehend.  Each time I prayed for a change of heart, God would open a door providing an even clearer path toward Chayse.  It was almost like He was laughing at the rest of us as we scrambled to make plans (quietly hoping things would fall through) for a wedding.  This crazy family of ours began to take notice of all the obstacles being moved out of her way…all the hurdles she wasn’t having to jump…all the tiny details making it impossible to pull off a wedding in the time frame she’d given us…  They simply dissolved and fell to the side as if she had someone out in front clearing the way like a big dozer pushing the two of them closer and closer… until they were just within reach.

Then it hit me.  THIS is God’s plan.  THIS wedding was the right decision for her.  She knew immediately and laughed as the rest of us tried to play catch up.  She wasn’t worried.  She wasn’t stressed.  She was calm, collected, and in control….something not really normal for her.  She was everything she’d always wanted.  All she needed was for the rest of us to get out of her way…

and so we did.  We pulled it off.  Fairy tale complete.

Funny how God has perfect timing and if we’ll just sit quietly and listen, instead of trying to control, we can hear his ever calming voice leading us in the right direction.


And that’s just the beginning.  We are so blessed to have Chayse join our family.  He’s the real deal, folks, and his family… AMAZING!


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