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1st Day of School

Summer is officially over. Mama is not happy. Boys are ecstatic. Wes is starting Pre-K this year.  Here he is justView full post »

Who Me?

Who me? Awww, shucks…View full post »

Three, three, three

Wes has finally decided he’s THREE.  Up until now, when we’ve asked him how old he is, he’s respondedView full post »

Joe Cool

keeps getting COOLER…. even with a dirty shirt. When you can pull off a shirt this nasty, you know you’reView full post »

Hey, Good Lookin’…

whatcha got cookin’…. This pretty much sums up EVERY day of his life.View full post »


Yep.  Someone around here is having a pretty BIG birthday today. We celebrated in really rad style on Sunday, but todayView full post »

Mr. Personality

As you all know, I’ve been begging for votes, lately. Votes for this guy… who I entered into the GapView full post »

Vote for WES!!!

Please vote for Wes in the GAP casting call!  We think he’ll be a FAN FAVORITE!!! CLICK HERE TO VOTE!!! Ty isView full post »

Chocolate Eyes

Here’s a little chocolate to tide you over until I actually have time to write a blog post…It’s notView full post »

2 Year Old Fun

We finally celebrated Wes' birthday LAST NIGHT.  I know, it's really bad to wait a whole week, butView full post »

Wes – a year in pictures

My baby is TWO today.  Here he is a year ago enjoying his first birthday cake. In honor of his birthday today,View full post »

Still here…barely

hi there. it's me. still around? So, I'm a little busy these days.  So busy, in fact, that I'm buriedView full post »

Mr. Personality

Yesterday was not an easy day for my little man.  For some reason, lately, his personality is really shiningView full post »

Always stuck

Not only is Wes climbing on EVERYTHING these days, but he is always getting himself stuck, too!  He's eitherView full post »


Wes is getting around well these days.  He's BIG on climbing.  Yes, I said climbing.  He nearlyView full post »

Stuck at home with Momma

In case you're wondering why there hasn't been a lot of photos of Ty lately it's because he has beenView full post »

His laughter is contagious.

He reminds me of Tickle Me, Elmo.   Once he starts giggling you can't get him to stop… and then itView full post »

Meet Spike – before and after

Remember how I told you the boys were getting haircuts this week.  Well, they did.  Ty’s was just aView full post »