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BSM – Park Fun

So, you probably figured the dinosaur shots weren’t the only photos I took at the park, right?  thought so…

Here are a few more from our fun day at the park.  This first one is my favorite from the whole day…I totally LOVE it!  It’s also my Best Shot this week.  Go here to see more great shots!
a client told me they call this place the SLIDE PARK…I can’t imagine why…

and, believe it or not, Wes was there, too.  But, he spent most of his time hanging out in the stroller or on my hip since he’s too lazy to start walking!  You can only take SO many photos of him sitting in the stroller….you get my drift…
So, there’s your proof…told ya he was there!

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  • Bonnie - March 3, 2008 - 12:35 am

    Great photos !! I love the second one best.

  • MelodyA. - March 3, 2008 - 7:27 am

    I love park days with a jacket. First one is nice by my fave is the bridge photo.

  • stacy - March 3, 2008 - 9:39 am

    what a great park! I love, love, love the one of him walking over the bridge. so cool!

  • Kyla - March 3, 2008 - 11:39 am

    Those are great! Now that our weather is warming up I need to do the same thing!

  • Maya - March 3, 2008 - 12:50 pm

    That last shot is so funny! He’s probably dying to get out a run around soon!

  • kim - March 3, 2008 - 2:42 pm

    I love pictures in the park. There’s just something about those colorful slides and climbing toys. I can’t wait for our weather to warm up enough to get my kids out to the park.

  • Dana - March 3, 2008 - 8:06 pm

    I like the last slide pic…great shadows…you can tell he was delighted!

  • Christina - March 3, 2008 - 8:21 pm

    Such cute pics! Love the first one, and the ones showing your tiny guy next to the huge jungle gym!

  • Lara - March 4, 2008 - 12:57 am

    wow, those are greaqt shots! the first two are my favorites. :)

  • Maggie - March 4, 2008 - 7:02 am

    Such a great series! I love park shots…I can’t wait until we get weather that is warm enough for us to be able to go!
    And what a fun looking park!

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