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Brookshire Family…and a WINNER!

Beautiful Momma WINNER will be announced at the end of this post!  You’ll have to keep reading to find out more!

But, first meet the Brookshire Family…

brookshire_0115I first met this cute little family back in December when their little man was only 3 months old.  Now, he’s a growing boy with the biggest cheeks ever!  AND, big blue eyes to go with them!

brookshire_0012The poor little fella had to deal with wet grass from all the rain drizzling down during our morning session on Saturday, but he was a regular trooper.  He was so inquisitive and happy about being outside, free to take in all the new sights.  Every few minutes we were grabbing the umbrellas, but he seemed content to hang with his momma and smile some more!

white-11Let’s take a closer look at that smooch!  Shall we…

brookshire_0171Aren’t they adorable!  This was the perfect session to help me announce my Beautiful Momma winner since this momma fits the bill perfectly!  She’s radiant, isn’t she…

and Dad’s pretty cute, too!


brookshire_0046brookshire_0100-bwI’d say this was a pretty neat session even with all the icky weather.  I had to shoot a couple while we were packing up the cars…I think they turned out to be my favorites!  Go figure!

parking-1OKAY, OKAY!  I know you’re waiting for it…

I have a bit of a surprise for May’s beautiful momma winner.  There are TWO WINNERS!


Yep, I’m the neatest person on the planet!  Just ask anyone!  Okay, maybe not THAT neat, but these two lucky gals are…


Ashley’s husband sent me a nomination last month that truly made me smile and then this month I get a nomination for Amy from Ashley.  It was too cool!  The heartfelt letters from a husband and friend are what put them over the top.  I simply couldn’t limit this month to JUST ONE winner.

Read what Ashley’s husband, Jacob, had to say about his beautiful wife:

“Ashley is a wonderful woman. Her heart for children and her ability to empathize with them has given her some sort of supernatural power to discover what makes a child tick. Her job as a reading specialist has given her a platform to showcase those talents…

Her ability to open a child’s eyes to how they read has undoubtedly changed their ENTIRE lives…

But that’s just children she spends 15-20 minutes a day with.  Imagine her passion for her own children. It’s nearly indescribable, and I am in awe of her every day. Her passion all around is infectious. Her passion for her family is tremendous. She loves to dance, and you can’t help but to dance with her. She loves to laugh, and you can’t help but bend over backwards to get a giggle from her.

She’s up at 6 and down at midnight. But that doesn’t means she sleeps. She keeps calendars in her head and juggles tasks through the night trying to figure out the best way to spend time with her children by what would provide the BEST time for them – and me. She does what a mother does, she does what a teacher does, and she does them 100%. How she fits 200% into a day is beyond me, but I do know that it means she has no time for herself…”

If you thought that was heartfelt, take a look at what Ashley said about her beautiful friend, Amy:

In honor of Mother’s Day, I want to nominate a good friend of mine as a Beautiful Mom.  Amy Hoover will be celebrating her very first Mother’s Day this year.  Amy had her son this past December.  I asked Amy if she’s excited about her very first Mother’s Day.  Her reply: “It’s going to be better than Christmas.”  To understand this statement, you must first know the story of Amy’s struggles to become a Mommy.

“Amy and her husband were highschool sweethearts from a small town.  He was a football player and she was a cheerleader.  They went to college at ECU together where he was football player and she was a dancer.  It was the natural progression of things that this All-American couple would get married.  About a year later, they began trying to start a family.  This part of their life together was not as easy as the previous years had been.  They tried unsuccessfully for four long years to have a baby.  They lost three babies.  All of her friends that had gotten married after she and Bobby did began having babies.  She gave us baby shower after baby shower.  I know it was hard for her.  I know she was completely heartbroken and jealous. I know she ached and longed for a baby.  I know she wrestled with God and his putting her through all of these trials and brokenness. But that’s just the kind of person Amy is.  She would put her own anguish aside to celebrate a friend’s good news.

After losing the third baby, Amy decided to give up.  She was spiritually, emotionally, and physically defeated.  She and her husband decided that they would live their lives as a family of two. God had other plans.  Just two months after a hearbreaking miscarriage of their tiny baby that Amy always referred to as “Bean” and giving up on ever having a baby, Amy found out she was pregnant.  To say she was terrified would be an understatement.  But days turned in to weeks and weeks turned into months.  And before she knew it, she found out she was having a boy.  Amy never complained about any part of her pregnancy.  She reveled in every moment.  She knew what a miracle and blessing every ache and pain was. She finally got to be the guest of honor at baby showers.  She finally got to decorate a nursery.  And on December 15th, Amy finally got to hold her baby boy in her arms.

On Mother’s Day, we take time to appreciate and reflect on our mom’s and all they do for us.  But I think we also need to take time to really breathe in all the wonderfulness of being a mom ourselves.  For every kick and turn your baby makes in your belly, there is someone else longing for that.  For every poopy diaper your change and snotty nose you wipe, there is someone who would trade anything to have that experience.  Being a mom is a miracle.  Amy knows that.  Max is definitely the only Mother’s Day gift she’ll ever need.  But I can’t think of any better gift to give her than pictures of her and her beautiful Miracle: Max Edmond Hoover.”
Amazing letter, isn’t it…

Now go dry your eyes and have a great Monday!


CONGRATULATIONS to Ashley and Amy!  I can’t wait to get some fun photos for you girls!  I’ll be emailing you with details!

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  • Rebekah - May 12, 2009 - 9:15 am

    I couldn’t think of anyone better for this. Beautiful letters.

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