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Best Shot Monday – POPS!

Our last couple of days were busy ones around the Gurney household.  But, the weather has been fairly nice, thank goodness.  So, we were able to enjoy some time out in the fresh air and also to take part in a couple of fun activities this weekend.  Ty had a birthday party to attend at PUMP IT UP yesterday (pictures coming soon) and on our way home we decided to take the scenic route home along historic Route 66.  We had heard that POPS had finally opened up near Arcadia, Oklahoma.  So, we stopped to eat a little dinner at the old fashioned soda shop style restaurant.

Out front of POPS is a HUGE soda that lights up in neon, brightly changing colors.  It was awesome and I just happened to have my camera.  So, here’s my best shot for this week!  To see more great shots, go take a look at Tracey’s!

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  • Andi - March 10, 2008 - 5:59 pm

    What a neat shot! My daughter would LOVE that; she makes jewlery from recycled bottle caps! Such a innovative shot. Thanks for sharing it.

  • MelodyA. - March 10, 2008 - 6:41 pm

    That is very cool!

  • Bonnie - March 10, 2008 - 9:41 pm

    So cool ! I love it !

  • Patricia - March 10, 2008 - 9:41 pm

    I seriously need to go there. I have friends that live on lake Hiawasee, so Im out there every couple of months, and I have never been.

  • shari - March 10, 2008 - 10:34 pm

    great shot Shannon…I look at your posts often and it seems that everyday there is just perfect…perfect light, perfect sky….you are an inspiring photographer.

  • Maggie - March 11, 2008 - 12:18 am

    WOW! That shot is amazing – and what a cool place to go!

  • cynthia - March 11, 2008 - 8:30 am

    what a cool shot! your lighting is perfect!
    looks like a fun place to go…

  • Maya - March 11, 2008 - 8:47 am

    Super cool shot! I love the sky in it too!

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