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Best Shot Monday – Carnival Goodies & Thomas

I know you’re really only supposed to post one pic for Best Shot Monday.  So, the first one is my best shot, but, I have to say, I love all of these.  On Friday, my mom’s school hosted a fall carnival (she’s an elementary school principal).  The boys and I just had to go, of course!  We had a great time – Ty thinks he’s already been trick-or-treating since he was able to play some games and come home with this stash.  The funny thing is he didn’t even choose candy for his prizes, he chose this stuff.  Kids can be so funny!

I call this first shot "sleepyhead".  This was the morning after the carnival (late night).  Upon waking, he immediately dumped his stash on the window seat and was hunting through it all in total excitement.  Oh, to be young again!


and the goodies…
and since it was so close in all these shots…  I had to show this super cool Thomas travel railroad that Ty’s Aunt Kim got him while we were in Kansas a week ago.  Ty totally loves it!  I think I do, too!  All the little pieces come off (including the bridge, fences, trees, train, etc) and the track platform folds up to make a suitcase that holds it all.   I know, neat, huh…
Yeah for Thomas!

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  • Maya - October 30, 2007 - 8:52 am

    I love those close ups of the goodies! The toy dinosaurs look they’re exploring some foreign land! Ha!

  • cynthia - October 30, 2007 - 9:37 am

    he looks so happy to see his goodies! reminds me of jackson…
    love that thomas track…pretty cool!

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