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YMCA schedule goof up…lesson learned!

I signed up for the YMCA
last Friday (I’ve really been needing to get back in shape and lose
some weight). I couldn’t wait to get started – very motivated you might
say. So, I look on my aerobics schedule and see that there’s a class at
4:30 – which fits perfectly into my schedule. My boys have never been
anywhere (daycare, mothers day out, etc) because I’m a stay-at-home
mom. I had them loaded up in the car and ready to go;
trying to pump up my oldest about how fun it will be and how I’ll just
be around the corner…if he gets upset, they’ll come get me…blah blah

so I drop them in the little childcare room and head out the door in
a huge rush cause I hate walking in late and I’m already overweight and
outta shape…I’m already going to stick out like a sore thumb, right… so
off I go running to the class, get there…it’s already started. CRAP!
That’s okay, I’ll be tough. I go on in even though I’m hating it and
fall in line. The instructor changes the direction to make room for me
and puts me right beside her….making me the lead person, the one in
front, you get the point. So, just joined the gym, first class I’ve
ever taken, and off we go…

I realize within seconds this has not been a good idea. I ask the
lady next to me if this class is always this intense…she says yea, the
BOOT CAMP class is the toughest one, you never rest! HOLY COW! BOOT
CAMP!! I was supposed to be in the beginners high/low workout!!!

I didn’t want to be a quitter, but within minutes I knew something
had to give…I was seriously starting to hyperventilate, my chest was
WAY red, and my face, too. It looked as if I had on bright red lipstick
and I could feel my heart beating out of my chest!! Plus, I’m the one
in front during the laps, the squats, the skips, the wall jumps, you
get the idea! I’m starting to REALLY slow everyone up!

I look over at the door planning my escape, and PRAISE JESUS! The
nursery lady is standing there pointing in my direction…"ME?", I say,
mouthing the words to her. Yep. Again, I praised the good Lord above
and head to the door leaving my water bottle and jacket in the room.

Anyway, long story shortened… My kids couldn’t handle being left for
25 minutes and they needed me to come get them. For once in my life, I
was happy to have attached at the hip, screaming kiddos!!!! I picked up
my kids, ran back in and got my stuff, and headed home. Today I CAN
BARELY WALK! But, I will be darn sure I check the schedule better next
time. I’ve learned my lesson!

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  • cynthia - February 8, 2008 - 1:33 pm

    you crack me up…i’ve felt that way in my own living room but not in front of people…maybe that’s why i just do it at home!

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