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Wyatt Family

I’ve photographed this family so many times, they are beginning to feel like members of MY OWN family.  I love that…

I also love that they are forcing me to update this old blog here.  Ha.  I’d say it’s been a while since I visited here and I’m guessing many of you haven’t been here in a while, either.  I’m hoping to do better.  There have been lots of changes going on at the Gurney household this past year.

I’m not making excuses…uh huh um….but I’m excited to share some of the goings-on with all of you. :)

For now, this little tidbit from my session with the Wyatts will have to hold you over.

This little cutie bug is TWO!  I can’t believe it!


They’ll probably kill me for posting this shot…

Mom and Dad weren’t supposed to be in the photos this time around.  However, I talked them into jumping in a few shots at the very end of our session.  They even matched perfectly!  It was super duper windy, yet we made it work and just look how great it turned out!

Best session ever!!  Love you guys! 

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