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Wrinkles and Black Noses

*Note:  please ignore the REALLY bad photo skills in the following pictures – try to look beyond to the cuteness.  I promise good photos are forthcoming!

There’s a lot happening at the Gurney household this weekend.

While the rest of you are vacationing and enjoying your time off, I’ll be keeping watch over this crew….


puppylove_0002 bwOh, the cuteness is unbearable…

There are 5 puppies total, two girls and three boys.  We haven’t even considered names yet, but we have ALL weekend.  We plan to keep the smallest female in the litter, but the rest are up for grabs.  Pricing will come soon.

These adorable REGISTERED BLACK LAB puppies will be ready for new homes around Fall Break, October 15th.  Their daddy is a field trial champion!  Email me if you are interested.

puppylove_0008puppylove_0004 bwpuppylove_0007

The boys are being EXTRA gentle and Momma is keeping a close watch.  I can’t wait to see how much they grow over the weekend!  I may have to open a new category here just for puppy cuteness!

puppylove_0003 bwHave a great weekend!  I know we will!

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