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Wild Animal Party

Do you guys remember Bella?

belladay_00151Bella is a good buddy of Ty’s and has graced the pages of this blog more than once.  Her mom is a good friend of mine.  We’re lucky, too, because they’re pretty cool friends to have!  They even let us tag along on a super neat trip to Mexico!

This time, though, we received a FABULOUS invitation to celebrate Bella’s 4th birthday with them…along with a few other folks.  When we read the invitation, we knew it would be a cool party, but nothing could have prepared us for this…

bella4_00641Whoa!  Wait a minute!  You want my children to hold what?


The kids were pumped!  I’m not sure I was quite as excited…at first.  Then I got a little braver because there were a few kiddos missing out on the true snake experience.  They were a bit scared and not getting involved.  I hated for them to feel sad later.  That’s when the teacher in me took over.  I set out to prove if I could do it, so could they.  And, here I am…

bella4_0090Yes, that’s me with an ENORMOUS Albino Burmese Python wrapped lovingly around my neck.  It was actually really cool and the snake was very docile.  Well, EXCEPT for this…

Uhm…ya…HELLO!!!  Someone get the creepy snake out from between my legs, PLEASE!!!!!!!!

bella4_0094Once I grabbed hold, and he saw how much fun I was having, Ty was ready to take charge.  He was all about poking and prying while I had it.  BUT, he never would hold it himself.

Leave it to the spunky birthday girl to give it a go!

bella4_0054AND…her parents couldn’t let Bella show them up…even though neither of them (especially daddy!) was very fond of snakes…Rick is smiling now, but you should see the first photo I took of him.  He was NOT happy about having a snake wrapped around his neck!  I thought I’d be sweet and post the smiley face shot.

snakeAfter we were all finished mingling with the python, we moved on to more adorable creatures…

This Chinchilla was a huge hit.  I was amazed at how SOFT it’s fur/hair was…

bella4_0245-bwThat little stinker could move quick, too!  Parents had to stay close by to keep the little bugger from zipping off every 10 seconds!

kangaroo-1On the right is Kristy’s mom.  She’s holding the baby kangaroo until his turn to get all the attention.  Yes, they really did bring him in his very own pouch.  It was TOO cute!  I was ready to take the little BIG fella home and so was Wes!

bottle-1If you think he’s cute, wait until you get a load of this little gal.

Just two days old…

bella4_0038She got a bottle, too.  Afterall, she was just a baby.  Have you ever seen a two day old deer – you should!  It was the absolute sweetest thing I’ve ever seen (nevermind that Josh likes to shoot and eat the big ones!).


She had the tiniest hooves.  Sweet, precious, baby girl.  Uh-Oh, I can see where this is going…I better quit while I’m ahead.  Let’s move on to something a bit more rough.

This guy will do!

bella4_0112I can’t remember if he was a specific type, but he was a crocodile.  They had his mouth banded so all the kids could home him.  Thank, goodness.  I’m not sure I want to explain to the ER how my boys got crocodile bites!

bella4_0114It took a little encouragement, but eventually ALL the kids held him – even Wes who is all the way on the right in the next photo contemplating the easiest exit route…

bella4_0134Okay, lets get friendly with a bird.  Shall we?  Yes, she did say Happy Birthday!


They told her to “be a baby”.  She seriously laid back and relaxed to the point of being a bit like a noodle.  It was hilarious!

bird-1They saved the noisy guy for last.  It was a good thing, too, because he was ornery!

Here the kids are waiting patiently to get their first look at a Lemur.  The instructions were very important.  Listen up!

bella4_0299Everyone got an apple slice to give him as he hurriedly moved down the line to snatch them up.

bella4_0319bella4_0334bella4_0343After all the apple slices were gone, he moved on to harrass the adults for a nice, cool drink.



It’s okay boys.  Try to relax…

hat-1bella4_0396Have a great weekend everyone!  I’ll be out of town until Sunday which means this adorable animal post will have to tide you over.  Smiles!

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  • Megan - June 5, 2009 - 5:41 pm

    Wow! Those are some pretty cool wild animals! I love the lemur!!

  • April - June 9, 2009 - 4:36 pm

    Did they have the party at a park or their house? I have read about these parties but wondered where someone would have the party. Please email me. Thank you!

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