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Weekend Warriors

As most of you know, I’ve been out of town since Thursday.  I took a much needed couple of days and headed South with my mom, my boys, and my buddy, Karri.  Not to worry, I also took the iMac with me and actually finished a couple of sessions along with a sneak peek or two.  So, if you’re waiting on either, Monday’s your day!  I have a seriously AWESOME sneak peek coming up Monday morning (get ready Hale Family), and I’ve got lots of session CD’s to mail out.  It’s going to be a productive week, even if I get rained out of a couple of sessions (which may be the case from the looks of our forecast).

I have lots of news and happenings to update you on, but for now a photo montage of our crazy, Canton weekend will have to do.  I hear a DVR’d Grey’s Anatomy calling my name along with my soft, squishy bed.  No more work for me this LATE Saturday night.  Oh!  If you called and left me a message this weekend, I’m just now getting it since phone service in NOWHERE, Texas is pretty much nil.  I’ll be returning said calls on Monday.  If you need me before then, better send an email.

cantoncollageFrom left to right, row by row:

1) mom and karri  trying on shades at a roadside hodge-podge shop  2) ty finding his own special treasure  3) how lovely, a doggy brooch  4) this sign was actually for sale AND I actually considered buying it  5) fell in love with these locker baskets  6) everybody loves sock monkeys  7) say what?  a dashboard Jesus?  there is something seriously wrong with that, right?  8). bins full of unique letters and numbers – I really wanted to pay $12 for those tiny things but talked myself out of them  9) more letters but these were much bigger  10) found an array of really strange yet fun book titles, more to come later  11)  even more letters  12)  have to stop here every trip   13) wanted this t-shirt, but it only came in small – shucks!  14) sock monkey snow globe – nuff said  15) mom’s new hat  16) nice look – hula dancer headband

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  • MelodyA. - October 4, 2009 - 8:11 am

    We have Canton on our list of to-gos. We just came back from Roundtop this weekend though. Have you made it there yet? We had so much fun.

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