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Treadwell Family

This was the first time I’d ever met the Treadwell family, but it felt like I’d known them forever.  Their two boys are exactly the same ages as my boys, and their beautiful little gal was an absolute sweetheart.  We were buds from the get go.

familyAfter going back-and-forth trying to decide on a location, we finally settled on Will Rogers park in OKC.  It’s the perfect spot for big families because there is plenty of room to run and play.  These kiddos definitely agreed with me.  They were having so much fun…

kidsWell, that is, everyone except their littlest man.  He wasn’t quite sure about the whole “photo-taking” thing.  He gave me just about every moody look in the book.  Until finally, I got involved in a game of peek-a-boo…

wait for it…

peekAND, lookie there… I believe I see a hint of a smile.

Oops!  Back to being serious.  But, brother had enough grins for both of them!


davidjrHe finally loosened up toward the VERY end of our session.  By then, everyone had the giggles.

couple_MG_0098_0097 bwactionurbangalI had a great time and loved the gorgeous weather we were blessed with that day.  I’ll have your proofs ready soon!

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