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Three, three, three

Wes has finally decided he’s THREE.  Up until now, when we’ve asked him how old he is, he’s responded with an adamant “FIVE!”.  But, now that he’s mastered his finger numbers, he thinks three is pretty cool.

“Hey, Wes!”  “How old are you?”

“I’m three!”

As he keeps coming closer, he’s getting more and more excited.  “Mom, I said, I’m three!”

Technically, in these photos, he’s holding up six fingers.  I told you he gets excited about it.  One hand is simply not enough to convey the emotion of being three.  You need two, I’m tellin’ you! (for the record, when Wes throws both sets of three into the mix, it really screws with Ty’s head…)

“Gosh, Mom…”  “You already know I’m three.”

“Wes, you’re so stinkin’ cute.”  “Show me your 3 again.”

“AAAWWWWW shucks, Mom…..”

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