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The Magic of Childhood

A little cousin worship never hurt anyone, right?


Ty and Wes both adore their cousin Kensy, but for Ty it goes beyond that.  To him she’s magical.  Kensy has hung the moon, so to speak.  I’m pretty sure she could boss him just about anywhere and he’d go along without complaint.  Yes, it’s a tiny bit worrisome since neither one of them walks the straight and narrow ALL THE TIME.

When you put the two of them together, they can be just plain mischievous!

But, not on this night…


On this night, there are mudpies to be made and dirt cakes to be baked.

It reminds me of how amazing it feels when you’re young, covered in dirt, carrying around a handful of wildflowers.  Remember those days?  The days of catching fireflies in mason jars or catching ladybugs and counting their spots…draping blankets over tree limbs in hopes of creating the best tent ever.

Kensy is even willing to catch a few worms with Ty now and again.  BUT, she is especially willing to get downright dirty playing beside him.  They are two peas in a pod, and I’m just an observer.

It’s true – there is something magical here.

september_0168and then…I’m spotted.  Shucks!

“Awww, Mom!”  “Put the camera away!”  “Go away, Mom…we’re cooking flower cakes!”

How dare I interrupt the magic.  So, off I go backing away quietly, in the distance…just biding my time…

september_0173september_0169That’s all I’ll get for now…

The sun is setting on a quiet summer day and I’m pretty sure it’s bath time.

I hope your Wednesday is just as magical as playing in the dirt with your favorite cousin

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