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Teachers Never Looked So Good!

My beautiful mom is retiring this year.  I’m so happy she’s finally made the decision to get some much needed rest and relaxation…taking it easy so to speak.  I’ve been urging her to take the retirement plunge for a couple of years now, and she’s been dragging her feet.  I’m sure her idea of taking it easy won’t be the same as the rest of us.  Still, she’ll be home soaking up the sunshine, gardening like crazy, spending time with her favorite boys (mine, too), and just plain breathing life in.


Life is good.

It’s so easy to breeze quickly through our lives and forget to notice just how great it is…

In the past 4 years since Ty’s arrival, I’ve gotten to do just that…breathe it in with every fiber of my being.  I, too, decided to quit a teaching job I loved.  So, I understand how hard it is for Mom and the sadness she’s feeling at leaving her friends behind.  But, I also know what’s to come.

I love being able to take life slow, enjoy it, soak it in and realize what a precious gift we’ve been given.  I can’t wait for Mom to experience that feeling…

ime_0014bThe good news is her assistant, Karri, will likely be taking over for her.  The school will be left in good hands.  AND, of course, Mom only lives a mile away…I’m sure if she’s needed she’ll drop everything and jump at the opportunity to come to the rescue.  That’s probably not a bad thing since Ty will be attending Pre-K there this coming year.  She may be needed more than she realizes!

I’ve been spending a bit of time up at Indian Meridian Elementary the past few days knowing that it’s Mom’s last week with her teachers.  It’s bittersweet for her…

She wanted to do something nice for her staff before leaving and I, of course, was happy to oblige.  The one thing I can do is take photographs.  So, for the teachers this week, we decided to give them something teachers rarely get – AN AWESOME SCHOOL PHOTO.

I’m just getting started on proofing some of them, but I couldn’t wait to share how great they look!   This year’s school website is getting a major facelift in the form of some super smokin’ hot teachers!  Man, things have really changed since I was in school.  I seriously don’t remember teachers ever looking this good!

ime-collageand that’s just a teaser!  There’ll be plenty more where those came from!

NOTE – If you’re wanting an updated photo for your business card or website, I offer a 30 minute business session that includes a CD with print release for only $125!  I’ll do if for an even $100 if you book it in the next two weeks!

Happy Thursday!

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  • Linda Mitchell - May 29, 2009 - 1:36 pm

    Wow!!! These are great. Before you post mine please take off about 20 years, my wrinkles, etc. etc.

  • Michelle Gallagher - May 30, 2009 - 8:10 pm

    Shannon are you going to post some more these are awesome…

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