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Take me out to the ballgame…

Is everyone singing now?  I know I am!

I promised you’d be seeing pink polka-dots today!  You know I’m always one to deliver…

Meet Katie.  Katie is Spencer’s (a.k.a. runs-like-wind) sister from yesterday’s post.

katieKatie is a LOT like Spencer when it comes to hustling.  She plays first base, but I’m pretty sure she covered EVERY base at some point during the game.  I’m not exaggerating either!  Notice, she’s covering home plate in the shot above.  She’s swings the bat pretty well, too.

Go, Katie, go!


All the girls did a really great job!  I wish I’d gotten this many good shots during Ty’s game.  Unfortunately, there’s not quite as much action since they’re a bit younger and less experienced.  Instead of throwing the ball to whatever base, they run over with the ball and stand in front of the batter to block the baseline.  It’s pretty funny!

These cute gals were running, throwing, tagging, and hitting like crazy!


Just look at the concentration on her face.  She’s throwing from 3rd base all the way to 1st!

teeball09_0497teeball09_0540Even the outfielders were always ready!


I guess pink doesn’t make you wimpy after all…these girls were rough and tough AND ready to play some baseball!

Batter up, Emerie!  SUH-WING!

emmeriehitEmerie’s mom, Amy, is one of the coaches and a good friend of mine.  She’s gonna like these pics of her daughter swinging like a pro!  Wait!  There she is right now!

Whew!  Made it to first base!  I guess it’s not just the boys that like to stick out their tongues…


And here she is plowing into home plate – she made it all the way around to score!  Way to go, Emerie!

teeball09_0644Addie’s up!


Addie’s mom, Lindsay, is another one of the coaches.  She’s also a friend of mine!  In fact, both ladies are in my bunko group…I could tell you all kinds of crazy stories.  BUT, I’ll save that for another day….

Oh, look.  There’s Lindsay now!  She’s gonna love that shot!  HEE HEE!


In the meantime…here’s what was going on behind me while I wasn’t paying attention.  Yes, I did have the boys with me.  Remember?

Jaxon is Amy’s little one (6 weeks younger than Wes, but MUCH MUCH bigger!), Harry is Lindsay’s little guy, and we all know who Wes is – he’s pretty well-known around these here parts.  What you don’t know is Joanna (Kensy’s momma) is supposed to be dugout mom.  Instead, she’s having to watch my kid so I can take photos.  I was snapping shots and hollering out batting order all at the same time!  Sheesh!

teeball09_0528Ty was running around chasing Spencer (since he obviously stayed for the second game, too) somewhere…I’m sure someone was watching him!

I did have one dugout buddy besides all the girls dressed in pink…


I can’t go without sharing some photos of Kensy.  Now, can I?  She is a cousin, after all!  AND, she’s super cute to boot!

Here she is in all her baseball glory…

kensybatand heading back in to rest after a nice run of the bases…

teeball09_0680Okay, I promise that’s all the tee ball for a while…we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.  Have a great day!

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  • Amy Mckelvey - June 4, 2009 - 1:57 pm

    Shannon – As usual you are AWESOME. I love all these pics. I did’t even know Emerie slid into home until I saw the picture. No wonder she had a dusty butt!!! Can’t wait for the team pics!!!

    Love ya

  • Lindsay - June 4, 2009 - 2:50 pm

    Kale was extremely excited to see a picture of himself! All of these girls are absolutely adorable. We have the sweetest girls and parents on our team! Thanks for posting these FABULOUS photos, Lindsay

  • Amy - June 4, 2009 - 4:16 pm

    Really good shots as usual!! I love t-ball. My oldest is playing his second year of it now and it’s so stinkin’ fun. On to pitching machine next year, they grow up fast! Again, really good shots.

  • Lydia - June 4, 2009 - 7:52 pm

    these are soooo cute, katie was very excited to see herself..ha! we say she got so fast from us chasing her around the house but we can’t take all the glory from she chases us.

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