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Stuck at home with Momma

In case you're wondering why there hasn't been a lot of photos of Ty lately it's because he has been ditching me quite frequently for his daddy.  Yes, we are home during the day (usually), but it's hot and we've been finding stuff to do indoors.  As soon as Dad's truck rolls into the driveway though, Ty bolts out the door to greet him leaving me in a trail of dust.

That's okay.  I forgive him and am glad he loves his daddy.

But, poor Wes.  He doesn't quite understand why Ty and Daddy are always outside without him or off gallivanting around the countryside in the "hunting" truck…and he can't go, too.

He stomps his little feet and gets so upset.  It's actually a little bit funny to see.

Once they're gone though, Wes gets the run of the house.  Lately, his favorite spot is in Ty's window seat.  Have I mentioned Wes is a climber?  Well, he is…  it's ridiculous how bad it can get.   He's either on the kitchen table or on top of the bathroom cabinet by way of the toilet lid…or in Ty's window seat.  Once he's up there he sits and looks out the window watching for the boys to return home or for the dogs to stroll by.

Wes-6 xp

Now and then, he'll bring toys up there with him.  I tried to capture a shot of him playing with one of those toys on this day and in an excited fit he decided to throw it at me…

This was all I got as it came hurdling through the air in my direction.  I actually love the shot since you can see his little piggies at the bottom…pretty funny.

But, I did take the toy away so I couldn't be whacked with it again.
Wes-10 bw

Have I told you how dramatic he can be?  Sheesh, take one toy away and here's what I get…

Luckily he calms down pretty quickly…with the help of his binky.  I know, I know…he'll be two soon (February) and I should already have taken the silly thing away.  I'm afraid it's more of a security blanket for me than him.  But, did I mention how dramatic he can be?

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