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Still here…barely

hi there.

it's me.

still around?

So, I'm a little busy these days.  So busy, in fact, that I'm buried about 16 sessions deep as of today.  For those of you waiting patiently for your online gallery and CD, please continue to be patient.  For my seniors on the list…Kaitlin, Kelsey, and Kara – just know that senior proofing does take a bit longer.  Kaitlin, I'm working on yours now.

For the rest of you, continue to be patient.  I've got the next two days for non-stop proofing and plan to blaze a trail through about 5 of you!  Wish me luck…

Christmas Cards…
Kristy and Kirstyn, I promise to finish yours asap!  If you have not emailed me regarding custom cards yet, do so THIS WEEK!  I will not be taking orders after Friday.  Mini-session folks, that includes you, too.

Man, is that a ton of blah blah blah or what!

I'm really tired and am going to bed.  I refuse to work on a sneak peek tonight (after all, it's 1am)  So, my Monday morning post will be a bit later than usual.  See you then!

You know I can't post without a photo.

So, here's my 21 month old little man!
Wes 21 months

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