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Stevie, Cassady, Hannah, and Shawna

Happy Sweet "16" Stevie!

This was a FUN session!  For Stevie's birthday, she requested a photo shoot with a handful of her friends.  Apparently, she's really into photography. 

What a great idea! 

Seriously.  Wouldn't that be the best gift ever for a 16 year old?  Those of you who are members of Facebook or Myspace know exactly what I mean.  Kids these days take a ton photos of themselves doing absolutely silly things and then post them online for all of their friends to see.  Well, I'm not sure if Stevie has a page, but if she does…

she's got a bunch of really funny photos to post there!

Take a look!
Stevie 058 bw 

Stevie 057 

Stevie 012 

Stevie 036 

I couldn't resist getting a shot with Stevie's mom and dad…and the pooch above is Gibson.  He was such a cutie!
Stevie 103 

Stevie 130 bw 

Stevie 143 

Stevie 112 

Stevie 151 

Stevie 156 

Stevie 179 

Stevie 189 

Stevie 203 

Stevie 188 

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  • cynthia - November 16, 2008 - 5:49 pm

    this looked like FUN!

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