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Smiles…all around

Ty is adjusting to school tremendously.  He’s so excited to go to school each day – He wakes up easily, gets dressed, eats breakfast, and even puts his shoes on when I tell him to do so.  It’s a miracle, I tell ya.

Here he is seconds before heading in for DAY TWO of Pre-K.

prekday2_0072After the horrible first day we had, I was a tiny bit nervous about heading back the second day.  Ty, though, didn’t seem phased.  He was excited about going even after the drama AND trauma of the first day.  He is still having a little trouble adjusting to “circle time” first thing in the morning, but each day he gets a little closer to joining in (from what his teachers tell me).  Apparently, “circle time” is much more intimidating than we thought.

Although, I have to admit, when I’m placed into a large group of people and have to go around a circle telling things about myself or have to speak at all for that matter, I literally ‘sweat it’ until my turn comes.  Don’t you?  I guess, Ty figured it wasn’t worth it and simply decided not to do it.  He stands WAY back and waits patiently until they finish.  Then he grabs a name tag with the rest of them and heads to centers.  The groups are broken up into much small numbers for those.  He obviously figured that out quickly.

Tomorrow is the end of his first week and he’s handled it like a trooper.  I’m so proud of him.

It was obvious the teachers thought I was completely insane, but here is my attempt to capture pick-up time on his second day.  He was all smiles.  My heart did a little flip-flop in my chest when I drove up and saw that big grin.

prekday2_0028I never knew how long parents had to wait in pick-up lines while I was a teacher….

Man, it was so boring.  Wes and I had to find something to do to entertain ourselves…notice the Target cup.  We live for Target.  I’m just saying…

prekday2_0035 bwEverybody else in the waiting line was looking at us me thinking I was nuts (I probably am).  It didn’t stop us though.  We’re crazy like that, ya know.  Just call me wild and crazy…

HEY LOOK!  There’s Momma!  She does exist!

prekday2_0039 bwprekday2_0046Still waiting…but, getting closer…

Oh, wait…I see him!  Do you?  Look closely…brown shirt on the right.

prekday2_0058Yep, you guessed it… hangin’ with the girls.  That’s my boy!

prekday2_0063 bwAnd there’s that grin making the long wait completely worthwhile.



all buckled in and being a little bashful because of my bombardment of questions regarding his day.  Poor kid.  I had a million of them and all he wanted to do was watch Wall-E on the drop down DVD.

prekday2_0073 bw

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  • Amy - August 24, 2009 - 10:29 am

    Oh you’re a good Mama. I’m glad he’s adjusting to the new routine!! Waiting in the school lines is crazy. I’ve waisted 100’s of hours in those lines over the years. Looks like you and little man had a blast. Love the pics as always!!

  • Charla - August 26, 2009 - 9:15 am

    Oh…these just warm my heart! I just love the one of Wes with the Target cup and when Ty first sees that you are there. I love the way you capture “real life”.

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