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Meet Sheri.

I was super excited when Sheri emailed me about getting some photos of herself.  It's not often you get to photograph such a neat, inspiring woman.  It's also nice to get to photograph just one subject with noone else around, because it gives you the chance to really get to know that person.  I have to say, Sheri was awesome! 

I've been wracking my brain trying to think of some totally cool guy (who is worthy enough) to set up with her.  I just know the perfect guy is out there!  I'll keep looking, Sheri!
Frosig-2 bw

Sheri works with another client of mine (whose gotten me numerous clients, by the way – Thanks Denise!) and when she saw their pics, she thought it'd be fun to have some individual pics of herself. 

Why aren't we all brave enough to do that?  The truth is…I'd love to have some of my own.  We're always worrying about how we look…you know what I mean.  That same loop just keeps playing over and over in our heads (all you women out there) about how we're just not good enough!

So, stay tuned for information regarding a NEW session designed just
for US.  All of us women who never get our photos taken.  Keep watching
the blog…details are coming soon!

Until then…enjoy these rockin' HOT photos of Sheri!

Frosig-21 bw



Frosig-17 bw 


I couldn't decide on color or b/w for that last one.  What do you guys think?

If any of you worthy guys out there want to get to know Sheri a bit better…let me know.  I might be willing to pass along her email!  (She's gonna kill me for saying that, but I'll take my chances!)

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