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Ryan & Audra – ENGAGED!

I met up with Ryan and Audra at Will Rogers Park in OKC on a perfectly sunny day this past week.  I’m so glad all that rain is behind me – I’m still trying to recover from those rescheduled sessions!  Audra was referred to me by my cousin, Bailey, who you’ve seen on the blog recently with her adorable little family.  Audra and Bailey have been friends for a very long time, so I was super excited when I got the call to shoot her engagement session.

You never know how an engagement shoot is going to go…

Will they be all “lovey-dovey” or shy while quietly holding hands or totally embarrassed about being in front of the camera.  Audra and Ryan were a combination of the second two.  I know they were thinking I was insane after some of the things I asked them to do.  BUT, they stuck it out and we were able to get some great shots.  Thanks, Audra and Ryan!

Here are my favorites!

manning_0268hutEven with them (mostly Audra!) wanting to kill me during the session for all the ooshy gooshy stuff I made them do, I think they look awesome!  See how cute you guys are, Audra?

Smooches and all…I love this shot!

manning_0124fademanning_0045This is another shot I love.  Although, I couldn’t decide if I liked it better in b/w or color…

Here’s the color version.


We had to get some ring shots, and look Audra, another smoochy smoochy shot.

benchmanning_0233treehandsI had fun hanging with you two.  Ryan, I hope you didn’t feel too picked on…I always enjoy tormenting you poor, poor young men.

Here’s a big one in b/w for the road…

manning_0284 bw

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