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Russell & Robin ● 20 years

This awesome couple was referred to me through another client of mine (Russell’s brother) and I’m so glad they decided to make the call.  As it turned out, I’d had a last-minute cancellation which provided an opening the very next day.  Otherwise, they would’ve had to wait until December!  I couldn’t believe it when they actually agreed to come THE NEXT DAY even though they were flying out of state just an hour or so after the session ended.  Now, that’s what I call troopers!

The funny thing is when they booked with me I assumed it was a family session.  So, when these two showed up, I was super surprised.  Then, I was excited.  I think this may have been my easiest session to date.  Seriously, just look at them…

_MG_0626The neatest part:  they were getting the photos to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary.  Everyone say, “awwww”.

_MG_0636I had so much fun tormenting them.  The truth is they were fairly conservative and didn’t know quite what to expect when they arrived.  Once they met me, I think they may have been a little shocked…and worried.  So, I thought I’d torture them a bit more and make them step outside their comfort zone.  After all, it was their 20th anniversary, right?

I think they nearly died when I told them they had to make faces at each other, with me watching.  HA!  Makes me smile just thinking back…

boothYep, that’s as crazy as they got.  REALLY.  If you think that’s funny, here’s what the first shot looked like after I said, “On the count of three, make a really funny face.”

_MG_0594I’m not sure they even moved.  HEE HEE!

Okay, okay, I’ll quit picking on you guys for now.  You did provide me with some pretty cool shots, huh.  I had a really great time with you both – thanks for letting me torment you a bit.

_MG_0526 bwhot_MG_0635_MG_0564window

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