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Ringing in 2010

Happy New Year!!!!


As promised, we rang in the new year wearing our sweatpants, eating lots of delicious finger food (I went on a baking frenzy thanks to Pioneer Woman and Kraft), and hanging with family and friends.  It was a laid-back, chilled-out, perfectly imperfect New Year’s Eve.  I loved every minute of it (except trying to get the boys in bed at 1:30am).

After not playing for about 3 years, I’ve discovered I’m REALLY bad at Scrabble.  In fact, I’m pretty sure we (my gals and I) broke every Scrabble rule in the book.  We went up, backwards, around, and possibly added new words to the Scrabble dictionary.  BUT, we laughed every minute of the game.  It was awesome!

I didn’t snap one photo until after the clock struck Midnight.  But, here’s a sample of the craziness that ensued as a result of the “sleepy sillies”.

newyear_0010 bwMy crazy (yet adorable) niece, Britney.

newyear_0011My completely and utterly handsome 5 year old.  He makes my heart smile.

And his favorite bud, Sutton…

they really should be brothers, don’t ya think?

buddynewyear_0038 bwThe gaggle of goofy kiddos we had present for our “so-called” party.

and these two….

pictureI think it was their mission to get a bad photo of the photographer.  Did ya’ll meet up before and discuss this plan?

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  • Megan - January 2, 2010 - 9:54 am

    Looks like fun! Happy New Year!

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