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So, yeah, my sister is really into Bob Marley.  It's a little strange since she's only 20 years old.  Funny how, the kids these days are totally into all the music we grew up with and loved. That being said…Carly got a new  puppy – rescued it from the human society in her college town, and named it Rasta after the reggae/Jamaican "rastafarian".


She hid the puppy from my mom, who pays for everything she does, and only told a few select people (one of those select people being her wonderful sister – ME).  I was actually a little bit excited for her, but mostly because I love puppy dogs.  This weekend she came home for a Father's Day visit and brought her puppy with her.  Don't worry, I blabbed to Mom a week ago!  I know, bad sister! BAD!

Check out Rasta in all her puppy glory.
Rasta 005

Rasta 008

Rasta 007

Rasta 019

Rasta 029

Rasta 033 bw

Rasta 048

Rasta 046

And in honor of Rasta's namesake…here's a favorite Bob Marley song of mine:

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