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Rainy Day Blues? NEVER!

I now have absolute proof the weather doesn’t make or break a family photo session…

w_0001Sometimes, when you have no other choice, you simply MAKE it work.  This past weekend was a prime example of that.  AND, I’m happy to say, it did work out.

w_0034So, for those of you who think it’s too cold in December or too wet or too anything for outdoor photos, here’s the proof you’re wrong.  HA!

There was simply no rescheduling for this crew.  Between schedules of three different families and crazy bookings of a CRAZY photographer, our session had to stick.  When the pouring rain and freezing cold threatened to ruin our day, we called a bazillion different indoor locations in hopes of finding a warmer and less wet place to shoot.  BUT, when life gives you lemons….

groupyou know the rest. :)

Instead of hiding out in someone’s house or canceling our session, we figured we’d just go for it anyway.  Off to the park we went…

in the pouring rain….

and freezing cold wind.

w_0246 bwBelieve it or not, the first handful of shots were taken through a Ziploc baggie.  I was trying to preserve the life of my camera and still get some shots.  Somehow, for a few short minutes, the clouds parted and some rays of sunshine poked through.

and we said our prayers of thanks.

brow_0315 bwsissisfam

I have to say, the kids were all troopers.  They had chattering teeth and major goosebumps, but were still able to show me a couple of grins through the madness.  Even poor little Sam forgave us for a split second and showed me some teeth.  Thank you, Sam. :)

kiddosw_0343 bwbrianw_0312 bwToward the end, we were all so wet and silly, we decided to update our Facebook profile photos.  HA!  Why the heck not?  We’re here.  We’re wet.  Might as well have a little fun, right?


youThanks to all my fellow crazies for being such troopers and making me smile through the rain.  I appreciate you for going with the flow.  God is good, not only through the rain, but FOR THE RAIN.

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  • Kammerin - December 1, 2009 - 11:12 am

    A big Thanks goes to you for putting up with the rainy freezing cold weather. Pics look great

  • Marcie - December 1, 2009 - 11:46 am

    Thanks Shannon for putting up with all of us in the COLD, wet, windy rainy weather we had. It was hard to get all of us together because everyone is so busy! But hey the pics turned out great. God knew this just had to work. Thanks for being patient and working with us. Thanks Kammerin for putting to together. Love ya sis!

  • cynthia - December 3, 2009 - 7:13 pm

    kuddos to ALL OF YOU!
    but what FUN!

    beautiful family and loved the first photo…it was my favorite!

  • Shannon - December 7, 2009 - 7:46 am

    As always, you did a great job !!!! I love all of the pics. I can’t wait to see the rest !!!

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