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Rachel – senior 2011

Rachel is the first senior gal I’ve photographed in a long while who was camera shy.  It was actually a bit refreshing.  No, really.  It was.  A lot of the girls I photograph love the camera and pose without having to be told anything.  Don’t get me wrong the camera loves them, too, but this…  This is something different and new.  The camera notices things we sometimes don’t.  Like the heart of a senior girl, loving life, with the whole world in front of her…  That’s what I noticed with Rachel.

She drove the long way to meet up with me ALL BY HERSELF…and didn’t get lost.  She’s quiet, but in a good way.  She loves her mom (it seeped out and into our conversations).  She’s thrifty and quirky, and she’s genuine.  I liked her immediately.  I like that she had a really hard time showing me a serious face.  She had us both giggling just trying it out.  I also loved that she was a tiny bit camera shy.  As soon as I’d point the camera at her, she’d start to get a little embarrassed.  BUT, she was real.  I like real.  Who doesn’t?

I think Rachel will do great things in the future.  She’ll be doing something she loves.  She’ll be helping others.  I can totally see it.  It’s who she is and who she’ll be become.

A nurse.

It’s a perfect fit.

So, good luck, Rachel.  Stick hard to those dreams of yours.

and keep smiling…

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  • Amy Precure - October 26, 2010 - 12:15 pm

    Love the pic with the orange tree and her outfit was adorable, great combo!

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