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Proud Mary

Ya, I know…goofy title, right?  I get it.


Mary has a lot to be proud of…

This is Mary.  She is the counselor at Ty’s school and SHE’S AWESOME.  I’m not sure she really knows that about herself.

Mary, you’re AWESOME.

There.  Maybe it will sink in a little bit. :)

This is Mary’s mom and dad.

and the rest of her crew…

including Toby, spunkiest dog in town!

Like I said, Mary is blessed.  She has an amazing family who I happen to LOVE.  I’ve been lucky enough to photograph them one other time, but this time was extra-special.  I got to see where Mary grew up, on a farm near Marland, Oklahoma…

Two hours North of me.

It was totally worth it.  Plus, she let me bring my boys.  We didn’t want them to miss out on all the John Deere Farm equipment (including 3+ harvesters).  They were pretty much in HEAVEN the minute we set foot on the farm.  At least, it’s what I think little boy heaven must look like.

While I was snapping photos, Ty and Wes were hanging out on the big, green tractors and pushing theirs (we brought some with us) through the dirt and grass nearby.   It was perfect.

AND, I snapped these, which made the night complete!

Just as we were finishing up, I looked over and caught these two being silly.  What a bunch of goofballs!

Yep, Mary’s pretty lucky.  I’d say she’s one proud mama. :)

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