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Point and Shoot

These pics were taken a few nights ago right before bedtime.  We were playing around with the point and shoot.  Ty loves to use the camera to take photos of things around the house.  He does have his own camera which I told you about already, but the quality of the pics is really BAD.  So, I’ve been trying to teach him how to get a good photo with MY point and shoot.  He’s actually really careful with it and, so far, hasn’t dropped it into the toilet or anything.  THANK GOODNESS! 

I figure if I want to be in any photos I’ve got to teach the rugrats how to take them, right.  So, anyway, here are a couple of fun practice shots from the other night.  I love my boys!
By the way, these were taken with a horrible in-your-face flash.  I’m sure you already suspected that…not to mention the fact that Entertainment Tonight is on in the background and I’m not wearing any make-up…gotta love that!

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  • cynthia - February 5, 2008 - 8:38 am

    who cares about the makeup and i personally like ET! us mom’s don’t get in the pictures that often so i would take full advantage of it!

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