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Picture-Takin’ Blues

As you all know and have heard about before, Ty (my oldest) has a really bad case of PCS (photographer's child syndrome)  Basically, this means HE HATES TO HAVE HIS PHOTO TAKEN!


How in the heck am I supposed to take any photos around here if he runs in absolute terror every time I break out the camera?  Today, I resorted in a SONIC bribe and still…here's what I got!

The first shot wasn't horrible…but it was NOT his normal look – as you can see.  The big dorky CHEESEBALL!

Even when he sits and lets me snap a couple, right when I push the shutter he turns his eyes in another direction.  That's okay, if we're going for candid stuff.  BUT, I just want ONE SHOT of him looking at me.

Well, it just AIN'T gonna happen…

WAIT!  He IS looking at me, isn't he!

I guess I'll just have to settle for what I can get!

Here's a kiss for you, Mom!



Good Grief!

Better luck tomorrow!
_MG_0055_0032 bw 

I'm beginning to think he's his father's twin.  Not so sure that's a GOOD thing!

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  • Mindy - February 26, 2009 - 11:19 am

    oh gosh I’m sorry he’s a lil stinker….I’m really hoping Macy Grace doesn’t get it!!

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