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Paul, Stella, John, and Rachel

I loved meeting this family!

I got a call from Stella explaining how she’d won a gift certificate from her church during a marriage retreat.  I was super excited because I donate certificates ALL the time and sometimes never hear from the folks that win them.  There are people out there (believe it or not) that just don’t want their photos taken.  I can’t imagine who they could possibly be, but it happens…

Not this family, though.  They were so fun and full of life.  I had to torture John a bit since he was hiding from the camera nearly every chance he got, but I liked him anyway.  AND, when he showed it, he had a killer grin!  No biggie, it gave me someone to pick on and you guys know how much I love a good challenge!

Anyway, I had already decided it was going to be a fantastic session while on my drive to the park the temperature dropped like 8 degrees!!!  No kidding!

Rachel… She was an absolute doll who I’ve decided (while writing this post) would make a spectacular babysitter and doesn’t live too far from me!!!  Rachel? Rachel?  Not sure where she went…

Paul is the glue that holds them all together – AND, AND, AND…

HE LOVES PHOTOGRAPHY!!!  I was smitten.

Here are my favorites from our fun night at the park!

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