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One FOXY HOT Mama!

Whew!  Better get your pocket fan out – it’s H-O-T, HOT on the blog today!

foxy_0318Pam is another one of my “Beautiful Mama” winners.  Her adorable husband nominated her – you can read the story here.  I’d say she totally rocked her session and put into photos exactly what I was trying to say in words.  THIS is what I meant by doing something for yourself.  Soon, I’ll be announcing a new session type ONLY for moms.  The “special” session will be at a drastically reduced rate and is meant to make women feel beautiful, inside and out.

Pam definitely fits the bill.

The new session will even come with a handful of prints!  COOL!

foxy_0319Thanks to Pam, you’ll finally get the idea of how these sessions are meant to look.  I plan to make you gals sizzle!  So, if you haven’t scheduled your winning session, do so now!  I can’t wait to spend time with another beauty.

By the way, this post is really just a HUGE teaser since I let Pam bring her family along to hop in a bunch of photos.  Those pics and a LOT more of Pam will be coming soon!

Until then, have a sizzling HOT Friday!

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