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Nutrisystem – Week 2

Well, it’s time for another weigh-in with you guys.  This week wasn’t near the loss I was hoping for, but I’m still optimistic.  I haven’t cheated AT ALL – not even a piece of Wes’ birthday cake!  Can you believe it?  I would love to be exercising more, but I can’t really control that yet since my boys have been sick.  Ty is now on antibiotics and should be back to his normal self soon.  YEAH!  So, without further ado,

I’m DOWN a total of 6.5 pounds in two weeks!

not bad, right…

still, I better have a super-cool-BIG loss next week!  Wish me luck. 

Oh, and go check this out.  I found it searching for recipes the other day!

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  • cynthia - February 28, 2008 - 7:10 am

    that is so great! loosing any weight is an achievement…so don’t be discouraged! that first weigh in is usually more anyway…
    when you get back to exercising you will notice a difference! keep that heart rate going…i promise you will see results!

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