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Nutrisystem – Day one.

So, many of you already know I’ve been exercising and trying to lose weight.  I decided to go ALL IN this time and actually LOSE THE WEIGHT!!  Today was my first day on the Nutrisystem Advanced plan.  This morning I had cereal, yogurt, and a few grapes for breakfast.  That is totally unlike me – I’m not normally someone who eats breakfast.  But, if I’m paying for this crazy expensive plan, I might as well do what it says and stick to it, right?  Right! 

So, anyway, not only do I want to follow the plan, but I want to be accountable.  I figure if I share this information with you guys, it will be a lot harder for me to cheat – knowing that you’ll know if I do.  I figure I have to weigh-in weekly anyway, I might as well tell you about how much weight I’m losing as it happens…in real time…SUPER COOL, huh.  Who knows…maybe this will even inspire you to get started!

So, here we go!  WOO HOO!  Day one on Nutrisystem. 
I’ll check back in next week…and since you know I can’t post without some pics…here’s what I ate for lunch today.
and by the way, I need help with my eggs…apparently I don’t know how to shell them…
because THAT is what my poor egg looked like after removing the shell…I’m pretty sure half of my egg was gone; when you’re not getting much food anyway, half an egg being gone really ticks you off!

So, tell me, which one of you blog stalkers out there knows the secret to shelling an egg???  I need serious help, considering I still have that whole pan of boiled eggs to shell!

and lastly…if you’re going to start dieting anytime soon, this little tool comes in really handy..
It has teaspoons, tablespoons, milliliters, and ounces (which will be great for NS).  Don’t ask me where I got it.  The brand says Gemco.

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  • Maya - February 12, 2008 - 2:58 pm

    Good for you Shannon! I’ll be cheering for you! Can’t say I know much about the egg thing…not a huge fan of them.
    However, I have been meaning to ask you what kind of camera you use, etc. I’ve got my trusty Nikon but I’m looking into even more lenses, or shhh…maybe a Canon for the future with this business. Let me know your thoughts when you get a chance!

  • Patricia Gillis - February 13, 2008 - 10:06 pm

    About the egg,
    It may be the way you cook them. I boil them for 5 min, turn off the flame, cover for 15 min, and either run them under cool water (if in a hurry) or let them sit out and cool down. I usually don’t have a problem. But I have been told it may the the freshness of the egg, that is the fresher – the harder to peel.
    Also you can cook up a few at a time. They will last in the frige for a week.
    Hope this helps
    PS Im the blog stalker you met the other night!

  • cynthia - February 15, 2008 - 1:25 pm

    you go girl! funny i actually started…ahem began…AGAIN, SERIOUSLY…on monday. i really watched what i ate and lost two pounds in a day! so what if most of it was water…i’m still counting it!
    it’s so hard…and i think accountability works wonders…i’m here, so don’t forget!
    i think having the “mindset” to do it is a big part too…that helps me a bunch!

  • Christina - March 18, 2008 - 2:19 pm

    I am starting tomorrow. Any advice? I hope to loose 30 in 2 months. Impossible. I am willing to workout hard. I think this nutional tool/combined with the P90X program will work wonders. Please advice any tips.

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