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Mr. Personality

As you all know, I’ve been begging for votes, lately.

Votes for this guy…

leila_092409_0174who I entered into the Gap Casting Call for no other reason than to win a FREE Jamaican Vacation.  Sad, isn’t it.

As I said before, I have no intention of making him the newest kid model on the block or of getting rich off of his seriously cute dimples.  Although, I must say the “rich” part would be rather nice.

Anyway, I was shooting some photos for a friend (I’ll post her pics soon) who was entering her daughter and I thought, why not.  If anyone could win it, he could.  Afterall, we do call him “Mr. Personality” for a reason.  Just look at his smiling face!  Who could possibly resist his charm?

poleI have to say, we’re pretty far behind in the running (I entered him a bit late), but even if we don’t win, these photos are my favorite photos of him to date.  It was definitely worth the time I spent snapping them.  And, if nothing else, it forced me to squeeze in the time I needed to take some photos of my own sweet boy.  Thanks for that, Gap.

leila_092409_0311 bwAND, thank the good Lord above for this awesome and inspiring child who makes my heart smile each and every day.

thoseyesThose delicious chocolate brown eyes and big-toothed grin save him from trouble regularly.   You see,  it’s nearly impossible to discipline a chunky, little boy who smiles in the face of impending doom and giggles boldly while showering his momma with slobbery kisses.  He’s very smart.  He seems to have it all figured out.  A yank here, a tug there, and his momma’s heart gives in.

and he is saved.

leila_092409_0329I can’t wait to get some of these framed and on the walls.  I’m thinking a collage of some kind – maybe square canvases.  I’ll let you know how they turn out.

shyboylollipopUntil then, I hope you all have a really fantastic Thursday.  Remember, this day is what YOU make it.  So, make it a light-hearted, fun-filled day as sweet as this lollipop.

Wes says so!

Oh, and if you haven’t voted, please do!  Wes and his momma could really use a few days on the beach.  All the links are posted up top there. :)

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