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Moving On…

It’s been a a little busy around here, lately, and I’ve been neglecting the blog a tiny bit.  Sadly, I’ve been wanting to share these pics for a couple of weeks now and I’m just getting around to it.  As you all know, school is OUT FOR THE SUMMER!

We are ALL pretty excited about it, especially me.  I really hated having to lug Ty into town EVERY morning for a two-hour Pre-K class.  BUT, it was really great for him so we made it happen.  Now, we can loosen up and have a little fun, sleep in as late as we want (it’s been 10am for a few days now), and go to the zoo on any given day.  SPECTACULAR!

Plus, Grandma has a pool where we spend LOTS and LOTS of summer days.  Not too bad.

All that being said, I’m so proud of my little Pre-K man who grew so much this year, not just in size.  He is such a shy kiddo, loves his routines, and has a hard time loosening up around new folks.  Strange, because I’m a complete nut!  Right?  Well, not quite.  Back in the day, I was pretty shy myself.  No, seriously!

This year Ty has grown leaps and bounds.  He’s adapted to daily changes in routine, spiked his hair once or twice, worn socks outside his boots (really big deal!), and become VERY close to a couple of awesome teachers.

Mrs. Fournier and Mrs. Davis, we LOVE you both!  Thank you so much for helping Ty adjust to becoming a big kid and for making it easy on the rest of us in the process.  We appreciate you and all you do for children.  Ty will always remember you.  I know it.

On the last day of school, the Pre-K kids at Ty’s school get to have a picnic to celebrate.  It was hot, there were water toys, friends, and lots of snack food.  Even Grandma, Wes, and Daddy got to come.

It was perfect!

Because Ty had such an awesome year, Kindergarten is all he can talk about this summer.  He is counting the days until schools starts again.  He’s asking me all sorts of questions about how things work in Kindergarten and who his teacher might be when he returns.  He’s also really excited to see his Aunt Joanna daily (she’s the school secretary) and his Mom’s favorite buddy, Karri (who happens to be the Principal).  I know, I know.  He’s one lucky kid to have all those people around who love him.  It makes things pretty easy on me, too, thank goodness.

On the last day of Pre-K, Ty received a certificate of completion.  He’s VERY proud of it and showed it off to everyone he knows and loves.  It makes me smile.  I’m so happy he already loves school.

He’s such a big kid now.  It’s official.

Here he is on his first day of Pre-K.

Times are changing.

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