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Monks Family

I really hate that the Monks family has had to wait so long for their sneak peek.  I usually do a really great job of getting my sneak peeks on the blog within just a day or so – it’s a promise I try to keep to all of my wonderful and amazing clients!  AND, it allows me to take a little longer on the session disc photos.  I guess it’s my way of tiding them over…so to speak.  BUT, things are just too busy right now.  The sessions are coming in faster than I can type my peeks on here!

I guess this is my LONG way of saying, please excuse me for the time being…or at least until things slow down a bit around here.  Sneak peeks are going to take a little longer than usual….

Now, moving right along.  I met up with the amazing Monks family at Will Rogers Park in OKC.  I hadn’t visited the park in almost a year, because it’s been under construction so long I nearly forgot it existed.  However, this time we decided to take a chance and see how the park looked.  I was SO impressed!  The park has been completely remodeled and is looking fantabulous!  I can’t wait to go back again.

The Monks gang was also amazing.  I had such a great time getting to know them all.  The kiddos reminded me so much of Ty and Wes, probably because they are around the same ages with the same distance between them.  AND, Mom and Dad were awesome, too – so relaxed and willing to have some fun.  Here are my favorite shots from our fun night at the park!

Session favorite…

monks_0199 bwcheeksmonks_0008jumpHis first shot of the night in b/w.  Hilarious, isn’t it!

monks_0015 bwI love this series of Mom and Dad…they were so cute together and obviously still in love after all these years…


Both kiddos have the best blue eyes.  Perfect for photos – yummy!


Showing Daddy some love…

daddyIt’s Momma’s turn!

mommaI had a ton of fun with you guys!  Keep an eye on your email – your pics will be finished soon!  Have a great Friday!

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  • Brittney Monks - September 26, 2009 - 6:20 pm

    These pictures are awesome! I love every one of them. Those kiddos are 2 of the very cutest!

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