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McLaughlin Family

I met up with the VERY large McLaughlin bunch at the Myriad Gardens last night.  It was the only day their entire crew would be in the state all at once.  Our main goal was to get as many family shots as possible.  After that, if time permitted we’d throw in a few more for good measure.  I’d say we met our objective.  We got some great shots!

It was a fairly quick session with plenty of laughs and a whole lotta love.  I enjoyed this hilarious bunch.  Of course, I had to pick on the boys from the very beginning.  I wouldn’t feel right without giving them a bit of trouble…and Dad was just as much of a mess as the others!


m_0322The girls were super cute.  I loved their big grins and those sundresses were perfect for this time of year.  Although, I have to say, I’d have been the one in shorts.  It takes a wedding or funeral to get me in a dress.  I’m not sure why, though…maybe it was my upbringing…more of a tomboy than a fashionista.  HA!

girlsm_0187I was able to talk them into a few individual shots…I’m glad I did!

facesI’m pretty sure their mom is going to be super happy with all those gorgeous grins!

I mentioned they were hilarious, right?  This next one was our very first pose.  I’d say they rocked it, wouldn’t you…


I couldn’t let the kids have all the fun.  Now, could I?  Aren’t these two adorable!


Before finishing up, I told them they could request any photos they wanted.  We had a few minutes to spare…These two made the trip in all the way from Washington state.  I explained how I would love to visit there, but they said it rains WAY too much.  I guess that would get really old after a while.

m_0307Of course, we had to get these two in a shot together!  Check out those super cool dresses.

sistersand last…a fun shot to send them on their way.  I had a great time you guys!


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