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McKenlyn Faith

This session was one of those I had to SERIOUSLY [[squeeze]] in.  You see, little McKenlyn came about two weeks earlier than expected and left everyone, especially her momma, a little bit surprised.

I wasn’t about to pass on this opportunity, though!  I couldn’t wait to meet this pretty little girl – the last time I saw her parents they’d just gotten engaged!  Man, time flies…

I’m always super excited when I see a loving couple years after their engagement photos.  It makes me feel good knowing things are working out and life is going as expected.  Of course, adding little McKenlyn to the bunch was a total bonus!  Just look at her….

babym_0254Looking at this photo makes me want to scrunch her up in my arms and embrace her soft squishyness (Is that even a word?)….

and the TOES!  Oh, the toes….  You all know how I love baby feet.


babym_0137babym_0152Aren’t they an adorable little threesome.  I had so much fun shooting all of these photos, mostly because I feel like I’ve known Lynn, McKenlyn’s daddy, forever.  He’s another one of the kids I had in class “back in the day”.  I don’t feel so bad telling you about him, though, because he was in my class WHILE I WAS STUDENT TEACHING!  I was SO young.  Probably close to his age now.  UGH…

Strange how I was barely starting my adult life then and now here he is plotting his own course with a brand new family along for the ride.  I’m so proud of him!

babym_0145 bwFrom what I could see, he was a doting new daddy.  Although, I hear he needs to improve his diaper changing skills.  HA!  I guess he’ll have to work on that….

Right, Lynn?


That last one may just qualify as my new ALL TIME favorite newborn shot.  I love the vibe, the colors, the haze – EVERYTHING!

babym_0388 bw

I love the tiny details of a newborn baby.  Every time I photograph one I am faced with the inherent truth of a higher power – mighty and full of grace.

Look at the peach fuzz along her little ear and convince me differently.

Speaking of that ear… gives me goosebumps AND baby fever all at the same time!  It’s why I love my job.  During a session, I’m so busy snapping photos I don’t get to really SEE until later.  I usually can’t wait to upload the photos and take a look at what I’ve caught.

The SEEING is my reward – Knowing I’ve captured a minute detail, frozen in time….REAL life, standing still for just a second.

babym_0318 bwbabym_0296I tried so hard to get more flowers into the shot above.  I kept rearranging them, tugging here and pulling there to no avail.  When I finally gave up, the big yellow sunflower you see simply plopped itself over directly into the camera frame.  Perfection.  I only needed one to make you smile.

bucketWhile we were switching spots, I turned to look back at Lynn and noticed him lugging our big pail with him.  Baby McKenlyn was tucked down in the center, but you can’t see her.  I think it makes that shot more perfect, because THEY’LL know, when they look back in 10 years, and smile.

The tones of this next shot make me think of a Hershey’s Kiss….all that yummy chocolate bundled into a tight little package.  Delicious!

babym_0229babym_0335 bwbabym_0199babym_0213 bwHave you figured it out yet?  I REALLY love baby toes.

babym_0347 bwBy the way, I shot this entire session at my mom’s house in Choctaw.  If you live in the area and need a quick location, this just might work for you!  She’s more than happy to offer up her sweet butterfly garden to those in need.  HA!

Hope you enjoyed the baby goodness.  Have a healthy and happy Thursday!

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  • Lindsey - September 10, 2009 - 10:09 am

    Sweet baby! I love her! what a beautiful family. She is definitely a Lynn-junior! :)

  • Ashley - September 10, 2009 - 10:15 am

    Loooove all the shots from this session, Shannon! And when did you rebrand yourself? Am I behind? The new logo and tagline look great!

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