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Mark & Debbie

This couple was so cute!  They've been dating a couple of years and have finally decided to tie the knot.  The cool thing about them is they're older (not too old, of course), but neither has been married before.  AND, they are planning a BIG wedding! 

I told them when you've been waiting this long, you should go all out and celebrate the occasion!  I say GO FOR IT!

We were sweating to death by the end of their session, but still got some great shots!  Here are my favorites!
Brandt 122

Brandt 073

Brandt 102

Brandt 214

Brandt 134

Brandt 187

Brandt 174 bw

Brandt 227

Brandt 148

Brandt 237 bw

Brandt 201 bw

Brandt 222 chocolate

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