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Makai and Malia

I had so much fun getting to photograph these two spunky kiddos.

leila_092409_0058The crazy part is how I’ve been wanting to meet their gorgeous momma for about 3 years now.  A mutual friend of ours introduced us by way of the internet and we’ve been chatting ever since.  You see, Leila loves photography almost as much as I do, which gives us plenty to chat about.    BUT, up until just a few weeks back that’s all it’s been – chatting online.  Then, I received a message saying she’d be in OKC and would I PUH-LEASE be willing to meet up and shoot some photos of these two knuckleheads.  How could I possibly say no?

Of course, Leila had to be part of the deal.

hotmamaThe cool part – I didn’t even have to twist her arm! :)

leila_092409_0111 bwgrinsleila_092409_0234himleila_092409_0061 bwleila_092409_0086I took a million photos that morning and even brought Wes along with me.  It proved to be VERY interesting, but I did get some great shots of ALL of them.  These are just a handful I picked randomly.  I had too many favorites to narrow them down.

leila_092409_0264leila_092409_0305leila_092409_0144I hope you’re all having an awesome Fall Break.  The posts around here will be few and far between this weekend since the boys and I loaded up with Grandma and headed to Branson, MO.  We’ll be spending TWO WHOLE DAYS tromping around Silver Dollar City.  I’ll check in as often as I can…

Happy Fall!

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  • Leila - October 26, 2009 - 12:34 am

    You crazy chick! I didn’t know you even put these on your blog! Of course I LOVE LOVE LOVE them and I show a different person every day. I couldn’t narrow down my favorites either – because every single one is beautiful! And of course I gotta have a few Facebook profile pics and proof that the kids did have a mommy, since I’m usually behind the camera. You never have to twist a pageant girl’s arm to take a picture. LOL. Thank you again so much for squeezing us into your super busy schedule. You rock! And your baby boy did not do much help for warding off my baby fever…he’s precious. :)

  • Leila - October 26, 2009 - 12:36 am

    Oh and BTW – if I HAD to pick favorites – the one of Makai squatting down (you can see his lego watch) captures his genuine smile SO perfectly (I can’t even do that) and the bright one of Malia in the hat and jacket – to die for! xoxo

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