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Love is in the air…

So, I've been proofing wedding photos like crazy and thought I'd share a few more with you.  I'm having SO much fun with these!

The church where these two got hitched was so cool because it has all these huge windows across the ceiling letting in a gorgeous sunlight.  In this one, it's almost like God's shining his blessing down upon them.


LeFlore_0038 bw 

I sure wish I'd hired a photographer for my wedding who would've had a bit more fun.  I hate traditional.  I love all the "getting ready" shots and have none of my own to remember the day. Boo!
LeFlore_0027 bw
I wish I'd actually taken the time to lace up the back of the dress.  BUT, it might have caused me to miss the wedding!  MAN, there was some major lacing in that thing!  She looked stunning in it, too.
LeFlore_0051 vintage 

LeFlore_0062 bw 

LeFlore_0067 vintage crop 

LeFlore_0096 bw


LeFlore_0384 crop
Okay, pay close attention to the blog tomorrow!  I'll have a LOVELY Valentine's Day special posted!

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