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Little Family

If it seems like I’ve been shooting a TON of sessions along the river in downtown Oklahoma City it’s, because I have.  Mostly, I’ve been going there because it’s got a variety of backgrounds, but also because they WATER the grass.  That means, there is still a bit of green here and there.  Nearly all of my other favorite locations are burnt up and dry from all of these 100+ temps throughout the month of June and now into July.  I’m a little nervous about what the end of July and beginning of August may look like.

Still, this session is proof that even on a 103 degree day in the middle of summer, there is hope of getting some really great photos.  This session ranks up there at the top for me.  This family is so much fun and laid back.  We had a great time chasing the girls around and trying not to sweat through our clothes! :)  We saw a bunch of baby ducklings and pretty much had the place to ourselves…

Here are a few of my favorites.


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