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Laughter…by DeLisa

I just had to share this shot with you guys…


Recently, I acquired an assistant/intern of sorts in my photography business.  She doesn't get paid anything.  What she does get is to tag along to sessions with me, take some shots of her own, get FREE advise from me (like I'm an expert or something), and keep all of the shots she takes to add to her portfolio for later.  Not such a bad trade off, right?  I mean who wouldn't want EXPERT advise from me?

I absolutely LOVE having her around and I've been really impressed by a lot of the shots she's getting.  So, I've decided (if it's okay with her, of course) to post some of her work here as we go along in the craziest Fall season ever!

This will be the first!  I'll try to post some each week and who knows, before it's all said and done, she may have a little biz of her own!  Go, DeLisa!

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  • Judith Prise - October 15, 2008 - 8:47 am

    Sorry it’s taken me so long to comment on this great photo. We just love it! I hope you don’t mind that I downloaded it into my iphoto. Keep up the good work!

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