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Kylie is 4!

It’s amazing what a difference a year can make!  Last year, it was all we could do to get little, miss spunky britches, to even look at the camera.  BUT, this year, wow!  Kylie has become a full fledged photographer’s dream!

First, she showed up in this adorable, sassy pants, outfit.  Then, she proceeded to blow us away with her gorgeous smile and ornery eye twinkle. :)  I simply couldn’t wait to post a handful of my favorite shots from tonight.  I hope Kylie loves the camera this much when she turns 5!

I know it seems like I keep posting all these crazy graffiti shots, but I’m tellin’ ya, my clients want some color this year!  They keep begging me to head back to OKC for more!

Come on, people.  Sometimes, a fairy just can’t be bothered!

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